Hermetic Packaging – The Complete Guide

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First, sealed packaging allows for a longer product shelf life, especially when it comes to cookies and different pastries. In addition, the sealing prevents fluids from dripping while the customer picks the product up during its transportation.

Please note that as far as packaging is concerned, there are two stages of sealing:

  1. Sealing for shelf storage – at the store or the supermarket.
  2. Sealing for home use – after the customer has already opened the product.

There are many types of packages that once opened no longer keep their seal, which means that when the customer opens the package at home – the pastries start to dry out.

It’s important to keep in mind that customers do not remember their “first bite”, when the pastry was still fresh, but will always remember “‘the last bite” when the pastry is dry after being left out with no sealed packaging at home.

The Plasto-Vack’s packages level of sealing is achieved with these three main factors:

  1. The packaging structure is designed with special sealing strips, with an “inner entrance” (a structure that creates a constant downwards pressure by the cover).
  2. New and advanced mechanization, that allows for a high level of accuracy.
  3. Thorough quality control processes, allowing us to preserve unity in the high levels of sealing throughout the whole production and assembly line, which counts as the most important factor of the sealing process. This can happen only when the company’s quality control is watchful and puts emphasis on special sealing strips.

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