About The Company

About us

Plasto-Vack started out in 1971 and was one of the first plastic packaging companies in the country. Today, Plasto-Vack is one of the biggest companies in the country, in the plastic packaging field. Plasto-Vack deals with designing, production, and marketing of plastic disposable packaging. The company products include trays, open and closed containers, packaging for cakes, meat, salads, fruit, medicine, agriculture and cosmetic products.


The Company’s Vision

Maximal compatibility with the client’s needs, in the field of packaging, in development production and the accompanying service. All of this while maintaining high quality and innovation.


Our Moto

Your Display Window” – The Display is a meticulous quality wrapper designed and updated, through which the products look their best. This must be perfect – that’s always our goal. The emphasis is on “your…” because of the focus on the client’s needs – We strive for that through an emphasis on planning, service, and diversity – tailored to the client’s needs.


The Client is in The Center

At Plasto-Vack, we see the client as a business partner. We put a strong emphasis on closely accompanying and acknowledging the client’s needs while making great efforts to provide the clients with a perfect product and service.


A Culture Of Quality and Innovation

Plasto-Vack is a leading player, as far as quality and innovation are concerned, in the plastic packaging industry in Israel. This, is thanks to the policy of development, the commitment of the management to entrepreneurship, creative thinking and emphasizing the quality of the products. We put many efforts into developing new products and improving existing ones. the shelf products inventory is large – over 400 different designs, including patents and unique samples.

In addition, one can fit the product and the production of it to the unique requirement of the client. A skilled team of advisors and engineers in the field is available at the client’s disposal. Our mission is to develop new products that will allow our clients to work with greater efficiency while giving their customers a more comfortable product with better performances. The innovativeness and quality do not relate to the development of the product solely. Constant innovation in the factory, in production processes and manners of work with the client, ensures that our clients will enjoy a constant improvement in production costs, service quality and a steady supply of goods.



Did You Know!?

Why our business offer is the best one?

  • Expertise – our expertise and uniqueness in manufacturing packages solely, allows the company to achieve supremacy as far as production efficiency and product quality.
  • Advantage in Size – As the biggest manufacturer in the field in the country, we have access to better quality and prices, in comparison to other Israeli manufacturers in the field.
  • Flexibility – since Plasto-Vack has chosen not to perform extrusion (The initial raw material production), it is exposed to large manufacturers in the world, who specialize in extrusion only, granting them more capabilities and higher quality, than combined manufacturers in the country, lacking expertise and flexibility.

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