Plasto-Vack is aware of the importance of sustainability and the great impact that the environment has on our lives. Therefore, we at Plasto-Vack are committed to do the best, to enable and create more environmental and greener use, both in the final packaging aspect and in the aspect of the company’s production processes and operations.

  1. Plasto-Vack works with recyclable materials and creates recyclable packages in the recyclable areas intended for that – recycling our packages provides a comfortable, efficient and optimal solution, in order to protect the environment.
  2. Meeting Environmental quality regulations according to Israeli law.
  3. Recycling Policy will be implemented, in the daily activity – raw materials residues will be recycled.
  4. The materials used in the manufacturing process and the products we manufacture will stand up to Israeli standards for quality of the environment.
  5. Aspiring to constantly improve in quality of environment indicators.
  6. Providing proper information and instruction to interested parties (management, workers, and authorities).

As part of the environmental/social responsibility, Plasto-Vack formed a connection with the recycling corporation “T.M.I.R” which is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and is working to regularize handling packages according to the Israeli “Packaging Law” (2011). In this manner, Plasto-Vack helps reduce packaging waste, prevents its landfilling and encourages the re-use of packages thus helping to reach the regular recycling targets in Israel.


Did you Know?

Why are the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic packaging – Cycle Mark 1 (the main material in which we are in Plasto-Vack, used in the manufacturing process) more environmentally friendly than the existing warranty options in the market?

  • The production of PET plastic packaging is based on the use of resources whose proper use does not harm nature and the environment (plastic is the product of oil). On the other hand, the production of cardboard packaging is based on the exploitation of the most important natural resources and this exploitation significantly harms the Earth’s environment – the cardboard, of course, is produced from trees.
  • The PET packages are easily recyclable and without environmental damage. Therefore, encouraging the cycle and emphasizing the importance of the matter by writing a number of things about your logo sticker can, of course, help.


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