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Plasto-Vack is specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing, thermoforming method disposable plastic packages. Our products include trays, open and close containers for packing cakes, cookies, meat, salads, fruits and vegetables, for bakeries, restaurants, pizzeria, butcheries, catering and different industrial factories, since 1971.

Your Display Window™ – A display window is a meticulous, high quality, designed and updated casing, making the products appear impeccable. Such display window must be perfect – that is our constant goal. We focus on our clients and their needs – Aiming to suit our client’s needs using proper planning, service and variety.

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The Zipper Collection

Tamper Evident

  • The client can recognize if the package was opened before purchase and avoid an unsafe use in it, according to the reasonable person test.
  • High quality, convenient and clear Tamper Evident.
  • Prevents returns of goods that were opened in the supermarket from the side.
  • Maximum operative convenience.
  • No need to use a machine, foil or banderole and extra manpower to create Tamper Evident.
  • To complete the Tamper Evident, close with a sticker in the center of the wide front side lock, from lid to bottom.
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The Hermetic Packages Collection

  • High hermeticity for air and liquids escape.
  • Allows a longer shelf life – the product is reserved for a long time.
  • Prevents liquids spilling, while the client is collecting the product.
  • Thick and strong structure – for guarding the product from external damages, until it reaches the shelf.
  • High clarity – to create a clear and appealing product display.
  • Falling preventing structure, when stacking – a grip between the bottom and the lid.

The hermeticity and sealing does not reach a 100% level *

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The Cakes Packages Collection

In the Plasto-Vack cakes packages we emphasize number of main characters:

  • Original and innovative design – to create an attractive product display for the client.
  • Rigid structure of the package – for guarding the cake, inside the package.
  • Unified material pulling – making the package rigid in all its parts (especially the corners). due to advance manufacturing technology and Plasto-Vack’s unique quality control.
  • Large variety, which provide solutions to many of the client’s needs in the field.
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Closed – Non Sealed Packages

The Plasto-Vack Closed – non sealed packages are characterized by number of parameters:

  • The packages has high quality closing buttons, allowing both fast and easy closing and prevents unwanted and uncontrolled opening of the package.
  • Unified material pulling – making the package rigid in all its parts (especially the corners). Due to advance manufacturing technology and Plasto-Vack’s unique quality control.
  • These packages allow faster and easier work in bakeries, comparing to the encumbered cardboard packages, that needs longer and more complex assembling.
  • These packages take less space and volume comparing to the cardboard packages.
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Open Containers Collection

The Plasto-Vack open packages / trays are characterized by number of parameters:

  • Unified material pulling – making the tray rigid in all its parts (especially the corners). Due to advance manufacturing technology and Plasto-Vack’s unique quality control.
  • The trays structure is built with massive reinforcing edges, creating stronger package.
  • The trays have a large variety of colors and thickness.
  • The packages in this collection are elastic and unbreakable, comparing to the Styrofoam packages, which often break and crack while being transported.
  • The packages in this collection take very small logistic and operative volume, comparing to the Styrofoam packages – which reduces the required storage areas.
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Special Order and Personally Developed Packages

  • These packaged require placing an order in advance and in a certain amount.
  • The Plasto-Vack creative department allows planning, developing and designing plastic packages according to the client’s specific demands and needs.
  • The Plasto-Vack creative department assembled with engineer s and designers, in order to combine the engineering and designing abilities in creating the perfect package.
  • The steps in developing and designing the package:
    – Receiving basic specifications from the client
    – Issuing a price quote and given client’s approval
    – Handing a three dimensional drawing
    – Building a proto-type + comments and improvements
    – Manufacturing the final product.
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  • 47
    Years of Experience
    and Creation
  • 400
    Unique Packages,
    Strictly Designed and Planned
  • 6
    Packages are Sold
    Every Second, on Average
  • 620
    Ton of Packages
    Every Month

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