The “Zipper” patent – Why is it better than the other offers in the market?

The “Zipper” patent – Why is it better than the others solutions the market has to offer?

The “Zipper” is a unique packaging series, with an innovative opening protection method built into the package itself. The patent enables the creation of an opening protection without the need of using a sealing machine, foil, cable ties and additional personnel for achieving opening protection.

Closing the package is simple, easy comfortable and more importantly – the package preserves its original level of sealing, even after the customer breaches the special closure – a factor which does not exist in the old packaging system, that uses foil and a soldering machine. In addition, opening the package by most customers is possible by simply tearing the tab, thereby tearing the opening protection.



The “Zipper” series is a leading series in the category and was recently accepted as a patent by the Israel Patent Office. Furthermore, the court mentioned in its ruling that “Through the Zipper patent by Plasto-Vack Inc. which meets the requirements of the law and regulations in a manner that removes the failure by omission…”

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In that sense, it gives a meaningful validation of the legality and for protection from future lawsuits. Moreover – every package in the “Zipper” series patent is supported by a specific specialized lawyer’s opinion. Taking all the facts above into consideration, Plasto-Vack customers can sleep soundly when using the package, thanks to being better protected against further lawsuits in this matter.


The “Zipper” package presents considerable innovation in the field of packaging, when on the one hand it allows manufacturers to free themselves from the clumsy, expensive and problematic sealing machines, and on the other hand it creates a sealing when the customer is at home, too. The phrase we always use is “Customers always remember their last bite – not their first”, if that last bite is taken out of a dry cookie which dried up on the shelf at home, inside a torn foiled – the odds that this customer will re-purchase your product are small. Of course, the “Zipper” packages ensure that the original sealing remains effective even after the product’s package is opened.

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