Catalogs according to package’s characters

New packages collection

Plasto-Vack invests many efforts to be innovative, while inventing, improving, updating and designing various packages.

The ZIPPER Collection

The ZIPPER collection includes high quality, premium packages, that meet the law requirements regarding the Tamper Evident.

The hermetic packages collection

High quality collection, allows extending the product's shelf life, preventing and/or reducing liquids spilling from the package.

Cakes packages collection

This collection emphasizes an innovative and original design, rigid structure, unified material pulling and large variety.

Closed - non sealed packages

This collection has high quality closing buttons creating high operational convenience by using the package.

The open containers collection

This collection has unified material pulling, emphasizing the package strength and high quality.

Special order packages

Our creative department allows planning, developing and designing plastic packages, according to the client's demands.

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